About Us

Chakolas Group, a Thrissur based business conglomerate, having proved its excellence in the textile industry was all set to diversify its business acumen into other sectors of industry. Chakolas entered the real estate scenario in 1993 and Chakolas Habitat came into existence specializing in Waterfront apartments & villas. The meteoric rise of Chakolas Habitat is bench marked by signature projects.

Chakolas Habitat offers a lifestyle unsurpassed for work, leisure and growth and we always ensure that the homes we build encompass every aspect of this quality lifestyle.
Our philosophy is simple, give people something which works, feels easy to live in, and has features built in, which reflect upon and enhances the customers lifestyle.
The use of tried and tested qualified people and our proven construction process combined with the overall quality of workmanship are the factors that past and present owners have come to rely on from Chakolas Habitat Homes.

Chakolas Habitat provides
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