About Us

Cosme Costa and Associates, a part of the Cosme Costa Group traces its origins to the early 1930's, as Government Contractors. The group has diversified interests in Mining, River Transportation, Civil Construction, Earth Moving and Real Estate.

We presently operate in three broad segments – in real estate: residential, commercial and contractual projects.

Over the decades our achievements in the area of contractual projects have been noteworthy.

Civil Contractors for the Taj Holiday Village.
Civil Contractors for numerous industrial projects that have been time bound, including Guala Closures (India), GKB Opthalmics and Nebula Home Products (Colgate)
Numerous projects in Medicare, Hospitality, Education and other Institutional projects.

Being a highly customer driven company, our aim is to provide top quality construction services to a discerning clientele. We operate on the principle that the quality of who we are and how we work with you are equal in import
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