About Us

Ganguly Group has a team of specialists that focus exclusively and professionally on the various departments viz. Architects, R & D Team, Realty Advisors, Sales and Marketing, Post sale customer service. They are well trained and experienced in terms of real estate skills and knowledge for identifying the best operational and cost saving strategies and opportunities for our valued customers.

It is almost 8 years since Ganguly Group entered into this business, and surprisingly, the original rationale of business continues to remain valid. An increasing number of customers still desire complete property solutions from the consultant they work with. As a result, other than only building up properties and transaction, service at Ganguly Group extends to strategic advice, appraisal, valuation, research, management, referral to extends in related fields, etc.
One might assume that this advice service umbrella requires a lot of research and intelligence. It does. But more importantly, it
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