About Us

The company was founded in December 2008 by Mr. Satya Rath and Mrs. Priyanka Rath both architects by profession. They started the company after extensively working on large scale housing, commercial and urban design projects with renowned multinational design and construction companies both in India and abroad. They bring to the table a vast experience in real estate management, design, construction and landscaping. Their business intuitiveness along with their innovative design skills to suit the needs of the modern Indian family and their in-depth knowledge in the field of construction management led them to believe that they could make a key difference to the business of real estate in the region with their future ventures.

The company is inspired by international design and construction practices and at the same time is aware and sensitive to the local culture, customs, aesthetics and respects the vernacular flavor of the region. The company is committed to provide to all its customers the very best of both in terms of design, quality, and delivery of the product.

Kapis Realty is a young company with an ambition of building whole communities across India. It is focused to create an environment from where its customers can live and work better. The Directors sincerely thank all their esteemed customers, stake holders, investors and team members for their untiring support and the trust they have bestowed upon the company and are focused to continue working with the same vigor and enthusiasm to achieve the goals set for the company.
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