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3rd Floor, Mantri Center, Tukaram
Paduka Chowk, F. C. Road,
Pune - 411 004.

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The Malpani Group’s association with tobacco industry goes back to 9th of July 1894. Today, the distinctive green paper packed tobacco sachets of ‘Gai Chhap Jarda’ command an enviable brand loyalty. The group realized the criticality of backward integration and invested heavily in it . Evolving and expanding over the years, it has become India’s strongest brand of chewing tobacco.
The Malpani Group’s spectacular success isn’t just an ordinary success story. Its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction as well as to sharing its knowledge and rewards with society has been the foundation of this phenomenal growth. Presently the group is involved in a wide range of activities such as education, entertainment, health, social work, farming, finance ,transport, tea…… the list goes on.
These activities have radically modernized Sangamner and its surrounding areas . It has increased social awareness, encouraged education and inspired the population to dream big. And yet
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