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L - 22, 4th Floor, Alfran Plaza,
Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Panaji, Goa 403 001

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Sukhthanker Associates was established in 1985 in Goa as a Real Estate Developer at Panaji. Dedicated to professional design discipline and commitment offering an expeditious pathway to unique development projects. It strives for excellent in creating high quality planning & an exchanging experience.The sustained success of sukhthanker Associates reflects the growing Commitment of the 'company'‘ and is seen in the continuous expansion & modernisation of infrastructure with valuable skill to design your future. It could be a tangible design or on the world wide web or interior of a home, or office but most importantly it could have long lasting results in the improving quality of life, infrastructural operations and even protecting the future (developments) Needless to say the potentials for a good desing is tremendous.
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