About Us

Who said that buying / sailing a property is a stress?
SWEET HOME is here to help.
SWEET HOME will make your property purchase experience really smooth and enjoyable. Just 30days to find your dream property and 30days to close on it!
SWEET HOME is very dedicated and quickly understood your needs.
SWEET HOME shows personalized attention to each and every client, has brought about a steady stream of referrals, and repeat business from previous clients, friends, family, and even other agents.
SWEET HOME uses that knowledge to clients' best advantage.
SWEET HOME believes that real estate involves much more than buying and selling property. It's the people inside the houses their needs and the properties that matter most. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a property in Kolkata n Kolkata surroundings, SWEET HOME provides expert real estate guidance with the details necessary for an informed decision on financing, market values, and any other questions you may have about your
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