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Regd.Head Off. : 201,
Ganesh Chambers,
Second Floor, Mehadia Square,
Opp. Yashwant Stadium,
Dhantoli, Nagpur - 440012 (M.S)

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Vatsalya Group is a privately held real estate company with impressive annual revenue and a leading group involved in land bank development in Central India.

Vatsalya Realties was incorporated in the State of Maharashtra (India) under the provisions of India Companies Act, 1956. Vatsalya Realties is formed by veterans of Real Estate from its parent congloromate – Vatsalya Group which was incorporated in the year 2000 at Nagpur, Maharashtra and having offices at Nagpur, Indore & Mumbai.

With so many realtors here, it is just about simplest thing on earth, to offer property. Anyone can do it!

Execute an agreement for sale of land situated anywhere, make part payment to the land owner, apply for sanctions, offer good commission to agents, show a few powerpoint presentation along with a few newspaper cuttings and sell the property. Right? WRONG!!

Preparing & converting a piece of land into a future opportunity is not about selling the property by any means. It
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