About Us

Barnala Builders has long been associated with newer innovations in urban living, surpassing milestones after milestones. Barnala Builders - now better known as the mentors of Maya Garden, Maya Garden 2, Maya Garden 3 and Maya Garden City. Satish Jindal, MD, has more than a decade long experience in real estate and has successfully brought the company on the forefront in terms of customer satisfaction and meeting all expectations of a hi-end customer. Maya Garden City has been foreplanned as a new symbol of urban living. In addition to enviable location and superb space utilization, all segments of hi class lifestyle will be abundantly available at Maya Garden City. Each apartment is thus fully furnished in every sense providing already fitted amenities like geysers, split ACs, fans, RO systems, tubelights/ CFLs. Selling homes doesn't happen by magic, routine, or accident. It happens because of a comprehensive marketing plan. Creating a complete, well thought-out plan to market a prope
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