Authorities ignore buyers, fail to act against developers
Apr 14, 2014
Source : The Times of India


NOIDA: Supertech’s Emerald Court episode is not an isolated case of alleged illegal construction. In Noida and Greater Noida, scores of buyers have been cheated by developers in cohort with the authorities. Buyers allege that the authorities just issue ‘show-cause notices’ against errant developers without taking any actual action. The apathy of Authority officials leaves the buyers with no option but to move courts for relief.

Developers are not the only ones to be blamed when rules are blatantly and regularly flouted by Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities.

“We were forced to move the court. We had been chasing Noida Authority’s officials, especially OSD Manoj Rai, who looks after developer issues. He, in the name of action, kept issuing notices to the developer,” said SBS Teotia, president, RWA Emerald Court.

Noida Authority’s OSD Manoj Rai, on the other hand, said that the authority take cares of homebuyers’ interest. “We had been issuing show-cause notices to the developer, but all in vain. We made attempts to tighten the noose of the developer and to protect buyers’ interests,” Rai said.

The practice of allotting land to developers stemmed during the last tenure of the BSP government. The top brass of Noida and Greater Noida Authorities made handsome profit by acquiring land from the farmers and later selling the land to the developers for a handsome profit. The Noida Authority also blatantly violated green and land acts in the process of allotting land to developers. Builders have also grossly violated national building code guidelines, master plans, safety, earthquake, fire fighting provisions, construction norms.

Both the Noida and Greater Noida authorities have allotted grazing, ponds and graveyard lands to realtors for developing group housing, violating several norms. The Noida Authority did not notify the eco-sensitive zone and allotted land to 49 realty projects, including some big-ticket ones. However, 15 are being constructed without the mandatory environmental clearances from national board for wildlife (NBW). Out of the 49, 15 projects are ready to move in as construction has been completed.

Noida Authority has allotted about 1,40,000 sqm of un-acquired grazing (pashuchar) land to seven developers for group housing projects in Sector 77. This came into notice after two RTIs were filed with the district magistrate office and Noida Authority’s planning department.

The district administration, in reply of the RTI cited that according to land records khasra numbers 101, 122/1, 123/1, 2, 170/1 and 188 had not been acquired till date, while in reply to another RTI filed by one Gopal Saxena, Noida Authority’s chief townplanner VA Devpujari confirmed that layout maps of group housing projects proposed on the same land have been approved.

“The Authority allotted group housing projects to seven developers, including Prateek Realtors, Griha Pravesh Buildtech Pvt, Perfect Prop Build, AVP Buildtech Pvt, Express Builders and Promotors, H R Oracle, and Civitech Developers.The land was allotted to realtors in 2010 at a rate of Rs 20,757 per sqmt,” said Naresh Yadav, chief of Gautam Budh Nagar villages’ association.

Bone of contention

Cases of Noida Extension being developed on 2,000 acres of land in Greater Noida are pending in Allahabad HC and SC since May 2011 Noida Authority did not notify eco-sensitive zone and allotted land to 49 realty projects. Houses are being constructed without mandatory environmental clearances Noida Authority allotted about 1,40,000 sqm of unacquired grazing land to seven developers in Sector 77 Leading developer has allegedly encroached upon 20,000 sqm of graveyard land in Greater Noida.

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