Online search and research redefine home buying
Online real estate has not however, sped up the home buying process.
Dec 28, 2013
Source : The Hindu


DELHI: Marketing a home today is not like marketing a home in the past. Home buyers are increasingly relying on online resources to find homes for sale.

In the past, a buyer would more than likely turn to friends and family to compare notes. Searching online for a home has basically become the norm now.

Of course, there are exceptions.

Home buyers over the age of 50 stick to tradition, and are more likely to grab a newspaper or talk to a real estate agent, without even thinking about searching for a home online. By contrast, those under the age of 50, especially those in their 20s and 30s, begin their search for a home online.

Online real estate has not however, sped up the home buying process.

Unlike other products online, you can’t just simply add a home to a cart and check out. Online search for homes is basically the starting point to getting a feel for what is out there, and more importantly, narrow the list of potential homes to purchase. Another interesting trend is that home buyers are actually taking twice as long to search for a home, and there after visiting twice as many homes as traditional buyers. Today’s tech-savvy home buyer, is much more thorough in thesearch for a dream home, because with the wealth of sources available online, they can afford to be.

Good website

A good realty website uses internet traffic to sell homes to clients, find home buyers for prospective home sellers and also recruit highly skilled realtors, to service home buyers and home sellers, ensuring a thorough and fulfilling experience — all at zero fees to the home buyer.

Internet home buyers are more likely to contact a real estate agent than buyers who did not use the internet to search for homes.

Thus, although searching for a home online is the first step for a lot of home buyers, eventually, home buyers will enlist the aid of a real estate agent. There are many advantages to purchasing a home online. It allows the home buyer to quickly see a large number of properties on the market, and obtain details about each, such as home values and asking price. If the home buyer has narrowed down their search to a specific neighbourhood or area, they can focus a search for a home to that specific area. And finally, through searching for a home online, list details are provided and the home buyer can easily follow up once a promising home is found.

A good realty portal’s online presence isn’t simply about content. It’s about good content...details that home buyers need in order to come to a decision on which home to purchase. And once that online search is complete, and the buyer has narrowed their search to a few homes, the portal’s accredited agents are at hand and ready to aid them through the entire home buying process.

Best deal

Everyone wants to a buy a home with the best possible deal but there is no single window where they will be able to see all projects, compare and take informed decisions.

Home buyers have to reach out to multiple media like newspapers, mediators, and websites to know all available choices. A good realty portal should aim at bridging this gap. A good portal should list every project in the city.

Customers should get great value in terms of options of homes as this will help them get the best home deal.

The portal’s focus should be to deliver maximum value to the home buyer.

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