Part I: Introduction to Vastushastra
Nov 18, 2013
Source : The Times of India


DELHI: The development of Vastushastra started along with human civilization. Vastushastra is as ancient as human civilisation. Lots of description about Vaastu is available in an ancient GRANTHA named as RIGVEDA of human civilisation.

Today the whole world is surprised while watching the temples, palaces, forts, reservoirs and residential buildings of ancient times built according to Indian Vastushastra. Our saints said that

According to Hindu religion there are four PURUSHARTHA viz. DHARMA, ARTHA, KAAM and MOKSHA. A well-arranged home is very much needed for the perfect implementation of PURUSHARTHA. Our saints parted human life in four ashrams as Brahmcharya, Grihastha, Vaanprastha and Sanyaas. In these ashrams only Grihastha ashram needs Grih (home). It has been said in Bhavishya Purana that:


Means because of living in (Grih) home, it is known as Grihastha.

It is human nature that we build home for luxury, happiness, progress and prosperity of itself and others related to it. But after building a house and while living in it if anyone doesn’t achieve peace and prosperity than having a house becomes useless. Having this serious and genuine question in their mind our saints managed the natural powers and PANCHMAHABHUTA (five great elements of Nature: Fire (Agni), Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vaayu) and Galaxy (Aakash) wrote theories, rules and laws for residential, commercial and religious works.

The collection of all those theories, rules and laws are known as Vastushastra. It is believed that Veda is foundation of all the shastras. It is well known that four famous UPVEDAS of four main Vedas, like Ayur Veda belongs to Rig Veda, Dhanur Veda belongs to Yajurv Veda, Gandharv Veda belongs to Saam Veda and Sthapatya Veda belongs to Atharv Veda. As per an extract from Rigveda, “O Vastupati” please bless with good health, whatever wealth we need bless us with it and be caring for our domestic animals and vehicles. Same type of description may be found in other two mantras in which it is said while praying that, “O Landlord” you are our savior and wealth expander. “O Soma” we stay healthy consisting of cows and horses. We stay in your company. Nurture us as like father nurtures his children. Bless us with all type of healing ways.

On the base of all these authentic facts it is proved that in the progress of a man Vaastu is very important. So for harmony and prosperity that it is necessary for everybody to try and use it in each and every building, house etc. We can declare that a right guidance may be helpful in improving your destiny.

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