Retirement homes: Making retirement living fun
Jan 21, 2014
Source : The Times of India


DELHI: In any city of India you will find a number of senior citizens living alone in palatial houses. Most of these senior citizens have children who have either gone abroad for work or are living in some other city. Some have the children living just a few kilometres away. Life has certainly changed a lot in the last 20 years for the retired older generation. But things are going to get better as retirement homes have started coming up across India.

Retirement living helps in taking away the hassles of managing day to day chores. It provides a number of other interesting opportunities that one may not be able to have access to while living on your own.

No maid hassles: Imagine not having to struggle with your maids on a day to day basis and give this responsibility to someone else. One of the big advantages of staying in a retirement home is to help you retire from the business of managing the house. So maids, plumbers, electricians, carpenters all become available without any effort that you need to make when you are on your own.

Companionship within reach: Unless you live in complex with a lot of like-minded seniors, most of the time access to your friends, family and people who share simiar views becomes difficult. A retirement home thus, gives you an access to a varied group of seniors who share similar hobbies and interests. So, if you want to indulge in a game of bridge you just need to travel 200 meters and right round the corner is a book reading club, the dramatics enthusiasts, the music group and so much more that you cannot imagine living all alone in the city house. Retirement homes make finding good company easier and if you can move as a group of friends then you are right across the road from each other.

Accessible healthcare options: Sometimes having emergency services right within your reach can help in saving life and managing crisis. Retirement homes typically have services right within the premises to quickly manage crisis. Most of these senior homes also have regular health checkups, preventive health programs and medication assistance.

New opportunities: A good retirement home creates opportunities to learn new skills through various hobby classes, common interest groups. Some of them also create opportunities for the residents to indulge in various social work and programs to give back to the society, which create a deep sense of achievement for these senior citizens.

Safety and security: One of the biggest advantage of living in a serviced facility is the safety and security that the community provides which meets the needs of the senior generation.

As the industry matures, senior living will see the emergence of various specialised services, which will appeal to the needs of different people. This will make these services a niche and exciting business area to watch out for. After all our seniors do deserve the best lifestyle!

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