CMDA permits developers to use FSI of OSR land on residual plots
CMDA has kept an upper limit of 8 plots for awarding such benefits
Feb 21, 2015
Source : The Times of India


CHENNAI: People who lose land for open space reservation (OSR) facility like parks can look forward to enjoying the development rights of the forfeited land on their residual plots by transferring the FSI to it. While relaxing norms through a recent order, CMDA has kept an upper limit of 8 plots for awarding such benefits. 

Chennaiites have often shown resistance to surrendering open space reservation (OSR) area, meant for public facilities like parks, to the local body for their upkeep. Instead, they encroach upon it for their personal use. Some offer to maintain it on their own with a view to restricting public entry into it. 

The regulatory body, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, in a recent order said that floor space index (FSI is the ratio of built-up area to land area) of OSR land in sub-divided residential plots (where a large land is subdivided into smaller plots) would be accorded to the residual plots. It would be accorded proportionate to the extent of the area of each plot. 

While calculating the permissible FSI for allowing construction in a plot in an approved sub-divided land, the effective FSI of the land will be normal FSI of the land plus the FSI of the OSR calculated on a pro rata basis. 

The CMDA, while approving subdivisions of land in future will allocate the share of OSR FSI for each plot. The regulatory body has kept an upper limit of eight plots for awarding such benefits, meaning if the sub-divided plots are more in number, they would not be eligible to avail FSI of the OSR land. Also, FSI of OSR can be transferred to the residual plots only in case of subdivision of plots and not in the case of approved residential layouts. 

These benefits will be available for even earlier approved sub-divisions, provided the plots are vacant and no building has come up yet. 

In the case of apartment projects, the regulatory agency has been allowing developers to avail FSI of the OSR land on the balance area of development. 

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