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Hyderabad: Churning the wheels of growth
Jun 14, 2014
HYDERABAD: A few days ago when Hyderabad city had a black out for few hours, the segment which suffered the most were the manufacturing units, which are totally dependent on power supply. Land, power and water are the three vital factors for an industrial area. Due to its huge tracks of land and scope of expansion, Hyderabad is one of the suitable options for setting up manufacturing business. However, from past few years the heavy industries are seen settling down more in Maharashtra, Chennai o
Property registrations show a decline in Andhra Pradesh
Feb 24, 2014
HYDERABAD: After the Centre gave enough hints that the creation of Telangana state was certain, property registrations in Hyderabad, especially surrounding areas, dropped significantly in the last two months.
Getting urban, the sustainable way
Jan 03, 2014
HYDERABAD: The real estate sector is the second largest employer after the agricultural sector. Continuous increasing demand for infrastructure due to urbanisation has been the key factor for consistent growth.

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