Affordable Housing deficit in UP almost 3 mn
S K Garg, President, CREDAI - UP
Interviewer : Sandeep Pattnaik
S K Garg, President, CREDAI - UP

Uttar Pradesh Government is very much concerned for providing ‘Housing for All’, as the state faces shortage of affordable housing to the tune of 3 million appx, says S K Garg, President, Credai-Uttar Pradesh.  The State Government is coming with a “Samajwadi Awas Yojna” in the affordable housing segment, in which concessions are to be given to incentivize the private developers, says Garg during an interview with Sandeep Pattnaik of Excerpts…


  1. With Govt of India thrust on Rural and affordable housing, as a part of its mission “Housing for All” by 2022, and major demand from EWS and LIG housing, how the state government is keen to achieve the goal? What is the overall demand-supply gap (Housing deficit) at present in the state, with India assessed to have a deficit of about 18.78 million housing units approximately?


  1. Since inception, the State Government is very concerned for providing ‘Housing for All’ and has been addressing this problem by various policies through Governmental Agencies and also through participation of the Private Sector.


  1. 10% EWS and 10% LIG are compulsorily provided in all the development of Private and Public Housing Schemes.


  1. The Govt. is coming with a “Samajwadi Awas Yojna” (Affordable Housing) where many concessions are being provided to incentivize the Private Sector to come in a big way wherein such a scheme, 60% houses will be within a range of 10-25 lacs.  In our State, the present deficit specially of affording housing is almost 3 million.


  1. What is the trend of residential properties price movement in the state capital at present across categories? What is the quantum of unsold inventories?


  1. The raw-land price especially the agricultural land is increasing leap & bound, however, the sale of finished product specially high-rise apartment that too in a segment of 30-60 lacs is grossly over supplied and pricing are stationary because of poor sale.  However, the finished product of good development with all amenities for plots and villa, prices are increasing and is in good demand.  Plots of unauthorized development are also selling because of low price.


  1. With a major hike in City development charges recently, it is going to put extra burden on builders engaged in Integrated Township projects, simultaneously rising the land cost, which in turn will pinch the common man. As President of Credai- UP, please give  your view?


  1. City development charges increase in Integrated Township will be applicable only for new schemes.  Those schemes which was conceived earlier and where the amount has already been paid, there is no extra change.  To my mind with this increase, the price of City Development in UP are still lowest across the country and will cover the mere requirement of improving upon the infrastructural facilities of any town.


  1. How Lucknow Master Plan 2031 launched in January earlier this year, is going to be in line with the Union Government’s proposed ‘Smart City’ plan? What are the recommendations of Credai-Lucknow in that regard?


  1. As per Lucknow, it is developing very well in terms of infrastructure, widening existing road, flyovers, metro, green areas, international stadium, IT city, commercial hubs.  However, Master Plan is lacking to address sewage treatment, drinking water supply, water recharging, solid waste management etc.  CREDAI UP in Lucknow is already working out their suggestions to cover all these points in the forth-coming Master Plan.


  1. Tell us about the Housing Projects by Eldeco Group in pipeline? What are your existing projects in progress?


  1. Eldeco Group is already carrying out many projects in Lucknow successfully and still to sell around Rs 250 crores in ongoing projects, however, we are now designing a massive affordable housing project of around 5000 houses and will be launching in another 6 months.    



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