Land policy in Chhatisgarh towards EWS & LIG housing needs to be in line with other states
Nikhil Dhagat, President CREDAI Chhattisgarh
Interviewer : Sandeep Pattnaik
Nikhil Dhagat, President CREDAI Chhattisgarh


State Government should frame land policy towards building EWS / LIG housing in Chhattisgarh in line with other states like Madhya Pradesh, in order to create a balance of housing demand in the society, according to Nikhil Dhagat, President CREDAI Chhattisgarh [Raipur]
Excerpts of the telephonic interview with Sandeep Pattnaik of    
1. With the realty sector already going through a sluggish phase, how do you see realty pricing trend in Raipur? 
A. There is hardly any fluctuation in the property prices in Raipur, though sales have witnessed a sluggish trend. The prices are hovering in the range of Rs 1800 – Rs 3500 per sq ft. in the residential space, which is still at an elevated level. 
2. Union Cabinet recently gave nod for creation of 100 smart cities. Do you think Raipur would meet the criteria to be included within that? 
A. Naya Raipur has all the requisite infrastructural ingredients to meet the specifications of ‘Smart City’ as laid out by the Union Government. 
3. Which are the basic issues plaguing the Realtors in Raipur, according to you? 
A. As I have said that, sales of residential apartments have been quite dismal. Apart from that, CREDAI has urged to reduce the percentage limit of land to be earmarked for EWS category from 15% to 9% (i.e per 100 acre of land available, 15 acres for EWS now) and incase of LIG, it is 10% to 6% (i.e per 100 acre of land available, 10 acres for LIG now) as followed in MP (Madhya Pradesh) policy or in other states, to create balance of housing demand within the society.    
4. Naya Raipur is the fourth planned city in India. Then how Naya Raipur Development Authority [NRDA] is moving as far as catering to the demand for Residential Home Buyers? What are the initiatives in the 'Affordable Housing' segment?
A. Nai Raipur Development Authority has taken adequate measures to fulfill the demand in the Affordable Housing segment, which is a concrete step in this direction.  
5. What is the prime area that needs to be taken care of in the city development pan [CDP] in Raipur according to you? 
A. There is a need to develop Major Roads [MR] here to ease traffic congestion. The CDP should take care of this aspect.   

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