We plan to tap Mumbai Middle Class Residential Housing Market: Rohan Agarwal
Rohan Agarwal, Managing Director, Geopreneur Group
Interviewer : Sandeep Pattnaik
Rohan Agarwal, Managing Director, Geopreneur Group


Rohan Agarwal, the young entrepreneur and Managing Director, Geopreneur Group was also awarded the Young Achievers Award at the National Awards for Excellence in Real Estate & Infrastructure 2015, in Mumbai on 24th July 2015 and the group also won the "EMERGING DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR – RESIDENTIAL AWARD".


Geopreneur Group, India’s first boutique construction firm,launching its first project “Mayur Apartments” in Bandra, that houses 60 2bhk apartments divided into two 15 storey wings. “Mayur” has bagged the 6th Estate award for “THE BEST REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AWARD”.


The group is spearheaded by the Father-Son duo where the father Ajay Agarwal, is involved in the operations and delivery of the projects while his son Rohan Agarwal works on strategizing, marketing, sales, acquiring land banks and managing investors.


Excerpts of the Interview with our correspondent Sandeep Pattnaik below.



1.      You have launched your first construction project “Mayur Apartments” in Bandra. Can it be called your pet project?


A.     As Mayur Apartments is our first project it will always be near my heart. Fact that it has received an overwhelming response from the industry and has bagged 3 awards is a feather on the cap.


2.      From working with Agarwal Builders which creates multiple projects simultaneously to a boutique construction firm how has the journey been? In which other areas you are working? Which are the cities you plan to expand your operations?


A.     The aim of Geopreneur Group is to build premium apartments for the middle class at affordable rates. We create customized designs for each project based on their location and various external conditions at the same time; we handpick each location so that it is the right fit in our portfolio. We don’t plan to create super luxury projects for the super-rich neither we plan on creating mass housing projects. We prefer quality over quantity.  The journey since the inception has been great and a learning experience. We plan to further distill our power into Mumbai before moving into other cities.


3.      Residential real estate inventory overhang is a prime issue before the developers now. Then in the present context, how you thought of launching such a project? What is your perception about the demand vs. supply scenario of Indian housing market in next 5 years?


A.     Over the last few years most of the players are focusing on creating projects for the higher class segment of the society which middle class can just dream of. We believe that Mumbai is a city where space is a luxury in itself and the middle class is the potential market which we plan to tap with our projects. Our vision is to build homes that a common man can afford at the same time it provides most of the amenities a luxury project would provide. With the new government there could be some new policies that can influence the market scenario.


4.      What do you think the biggest impediments before the real estate sector growth so far as the Government policies for the sector are concerned?


A.     With regards to development in Mumbai, we need is uniformity in policies for both the city & the suburbs, besides in the southern part of Mumbai we need the rules on ceased structures to be relaxed further which will make reconstruction of old & dilapidated buildings more viable for developers, not to mention more realistic CRZ norms for the entire city of Mumbai.



We plan to tap #Mumbai Middle Class Residential #Housing Market: Rohan Agarwal,the young entrepreneur and Managing...

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