With a stable Govt at the helm, Dhanbad Realty will soon get a facelift
Manoj Modi, Secretary - CREDAI Dhanbad
Interviewer : Sandeep Pattnaik
Manoj Modi, Secretary - CREDAI Dhanbad

Dhanbad the ‘Coal Capital’ of India would definitely get a Realty as well as Infrastructure boost, with a stable government at the Centre and in the state as well, says  Manoj Modi, Secretary - CREDAI  Dhanbad during an Interview with Sandeep Pattnaik of Gharabari.com. Excerpts.

Q.1. Which of the cities in Jharkhand do fulfill the criteria to be developed as Smart Cities according to you?

Ans: In my opinion Dhanbad along with Ranchi will be my first choice for smart cities development in Jharkhand.

Q.2. Mining scam in the past has led the Industrial activity came to a standstill and realty sector also been a victim of that. How Dhanbad as a city is now conducive for realtors to invest, being it is one of the major mining belts of the Country? 

Ans: I think, Dhanbad has huge potential for real estate development, but due to unstable political condition and lack of leadership, Dhanbad has not yet achieved what it deserved. However, with a stable government in centre and state we hope Dhanbad will witness a great rise in infrastructure. Hence it will be much lucrative investing in Dhanbad, “The Coal Capital of India”.

Q.3. Post the Raghubar Das-led BJP came into power, what is your assessment about the new Govt's policy initiatives towards the realty sector in the state? 

Ans: As, I already mentioned above, we are very optimistic about the new government. It will be very early to predict anything but we are very hopeful that the new government will actively work to boost the realty sector. Real estate will be the key factor for growth.

Q.4. Which are the key issues haunting the realtors here? 

Ans: Real estate developers are facing lack of infrastructure like road, drainage system, power supply etc. CNT [Chotanagpur Tenacy] Act, Speedy approval of plan, availability of raw materials specially Sand and Stone Chips in the recent days are also the key issues of the developers at Dhanbad. Rising cost of registration which resists buyers from the developers is also a painful issue.

5. How the clauses in the proposed Land Acquisition Bill do you think will benefit realtors here?

Ans: Defiantly, Dhanbad will one of the beneficial. As ISM, Dhanbad will be converted into IIT, more land will be required for the development, similarly at Sindri (Dhanbad), NTPC is proposing an integrated steel plant, which will also require huge land acquisition. This bill will help to expedite the projects in given timeframe. Any development in the district will boost the housing need, resulting demands of housing in and around Dhanbad. And not only the realty sector but other sectors will also be equally benefitted.


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